Riser Replacement

A plumbing riser is a vertical water supply line that rises from one story to the next in a multi-story building.  Plumbing risers last approximately 50-75 years.  Old risers cause the following issues:

  • Low water pressure
  • ​Rusty color or odor to water
  • Constant emergency repairs
  • ​Aerators need frequent cleaning

Here are two examples of old risers:​​

Replace old or galvanized pipes with new copper piping.  Why use copper pipe?

  • Copper pipe lasts for many years

  • No rust build up and less cleaning of aerators

  • No rusty color, taste or smell to the water

  • Replacement via a controlled shutdown prevents emergency repairs.

We are able to minimize building shut down time to get the job completed effectively and efficiently in just one day